Well that’s it for 2015! We screened 71 short films from 23 countries to 602 people selling out 7 nights out of 8 at 4 venues over 11 days!
We’ll be reporting back with more stills, video and articles about this years ESFF but in the meantime a wee rest is required and we’ll get on to the retrospectives in a few days!
In the meantime it remains to thank everyone who helped make the 2015 festival the success it was!

Thanks to Lauren Clarke, Igor Slepov, Aidan Nicol and Oriana Franceschi for their assistance in selecting the shorts!
Thanks to Tom and the team at Summerhall as well as the staff at the Cameo for their assistance!
Thanks also due to Monty and the Leith Walk Police Box and Fernando and the Middle Meadow Walk Pancake Kiosk for holding kiosk cinema in the teeth of lashing rain and gale force winds!
Thank you to composer Yoann Mylonakis and his team of talented musicians Sarah Gross, Matt Gio and Louis McHugh for composing and performing and outstanding contemporary soundtrack to a new cut of the silent Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Above all we also want to thank our amazing staff:
Thanks to Yulia Kovanova, our artistic director for her hard work and amazing imagination in programming and design over 12 months as well as to our incredibly talented and dedicated technical director, Alexia Frasquet who (although all the audience could see were two eye peering out of the darkness) was efficiently and professionally running the whole show for 8 nights without fail, as well as editing some fantastic trailers and still keeping her sense of humour!
Thanks so much to Elsa Vibert our supremely professional Event Manageress who coped brilliantly in very trying circumstances and with some extremely busy nights, retaining her coolness even though she was really freezing!
Thank you Devin Kerambelas who could calmly switch between hosting Q and A sessions to running the box office, dealing with queries and writing reviews!
Thanks also to Cecile Levavasseur – who dealt nonchalantly and professionally with front of house duties!
Thanks to Carys Evans for hosting Q and A sessions, photography and for holding the box office together in scenes reminiscent of ‘Zulu’!
Thanks to Neal McNamara for providing video and still photography and editing with affibility, professionality and good humour!
Thanks to Anna Kumacheva for her work in dealing admirably with the huge numbers of people stampeding towards her when the doors opened each night!
Thank you to Athina Gerolympou for Ushering and for covering the Kiosk cinema nights in the teeth of a howling gale!
We’d also like to thanks Lucy Webb and Sanni-Kaisa Lehtinen for still photographs and to Kenny Lam for his website design talents and photography and not forgetting all the film-makers for submitting their films and letting us screen them and the Edinburgh Film-Going public for coming to see short film in such large numbers in such atrocious weather!

Anyway, here is a picture of our outstanding team and if you see them anywhere we just want to say..leave them alone! They’re all ours and you can’t have them…so get lost!