A walk-through inside the abandoned 1920s Leith Theatre

We recently took a stroll through the decayed hulk that is the Leith Theatre, the 1500 auditorium is like being inside a beached whale while it’s magnificently decaying corridors are waiting to be filled again!

Jack Hunter, head of the Leith Trust gave us the gen on the history and changing times of the Leith Theatre, opened in 1928 and finally abandoned in 1989, it’s finally going to see it’s first major arts event in nearly 30 […]

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Moody, magnificent, reckless, and dangerous to know!

Moody, magnificent, reckless, and dangerous to know! Not a reference to Lord Byron but in fact the fire exit at the Leith Theatre!

Yes, THIS moody, magnificent and reckless place is the corridor leading to the cinema space we’ll be using at Hidden Door this year for the Edinburgh Short Film Festival’s Hidden Door programmes.

And should you be thinking that those big buckets are probably full of spectral ectoplasm, you might well be right!

If only The […]

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