Thanks to everyone at Hidden Door 2018 for hosting us at the State Cinema!
We had a great time and very much enjoyed being at Edinburgh’s most vibrant arts event!
Sad that the State Cinema – a fantastic film venue with bags of potential – is to become apartments but it was wonderful to be screening film there again for the first time since the 1970s!

The last film ever to play at the State Cinema was Niamh […]

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ESFF screens @ Hidden Door 2018 – Preview June 1st

Excited to be playing a part for Hidden Door 2018 and we’ve programmed some of our staff favourites from 2018 for this year’s events over 2 nights at this year’s events. The 1st night on Friday June 1st will feature our live-action shorts and the 2nd night, Sunday June 3rd will focus on our animations.  We’re previewing some of the films we’ve selected over 2 articles, beginning with our live-action programme.

Our Best Film award last […]

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Some Highlights from Hidden Door 2017

Here’s a little film we took while holding around 5 Edinburgh Short Film Festival screenings at the 2017 Hidden Door Festival in the abandoned Leith Theatre recently!

Thanks to Alexandra Person for the photography and filming!



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More stills from our Hidden Door nights last Saturday & Tuesday

Here’s a few more stills from our nights at Hidden Door last Saturday and Tuesday evenings,

thanks to Alexandra Person for the photographs!


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Preview of Edinburgh Shorts Staff Picks Night at Hidden Door: Tuesday 30th May

We do like a bit of black comedy here at the ESFF so when Hidden Door offered us a chance to play some of our favourites from last year, we had a quick conflab and by mutual agreement came up with a programme that is dark and funny and back to dark again, so gives you some idea of what a sick bunch of individuals we are!

First off, IMITATIONS by Fabian Velasco & Milos Mitrovic […]

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Preview of Edinburgh Shorts Animation Night at Hidden Door: Sat May 27th

Step into the newly decorated cinema space at Hidden Door, find a space and settle down and you’ll experience some of our best animated short films from last year’s Edinburgh Short Film Festival. There’s some outstanding international (and local) animation and possibly a visiting film-maker or two to interrogate!

We’re excited to screen fantasy animation from Greece in the shape of AURELIA by Christos Bourantas & Kreon Krionas, an enigmatic fantasy mystery that takes a journey to […]

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A walk-through inside the abandoned 1920s Leith Theatre

We recently took a stroll through the decayed hulk that is the Leith Theatre, the 1500 auditorium is like being inside a beached whale while it’s magnificently decaying corridors are waiting to be filled again!

Jack Hunter, head of the Leith Trust gave us the gen on the history and changing times of the Leith Theatre, opened in 1928 and finally abandoned in 1989, it’s finally going to see it’s first major arts event in nearly 30 […]

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Hidden Door & The Leith Theatre

Because of its long history, Edinburgh is stuffed full of very old and quite large abandoned buildings that have long fallen into disuse.

As the wheels of history turned, they left behind some very beautiful buildings, unused and ignored as changing tastes passed them by.

Hidden Door have been throwing open the doors and literally sweeping away the dust and ashes of history, to open these spaces up to human activity and it’s like finding a family […]

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Inside the 1920’s built Leith Theatre

Some more shots of the 1920’s built Leith Theatre, currently being converted into an arts festival.

These sad and somewhat neglected spaces were once the haunt of flapper girls, lounge lizards and ingénue Miss Jean Brodie-types.

You can almost hear the echoes of tap dancers, dancehall music and Charleston-ing batchelors, the archetypes of the 1920s will soon give way to their modern equivalents later this month!

Hedonism, 21st Century style, will it have a patch on those old […]

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The Auditorium

Some more evocative shots of the Leith Theatre, venue for this year’s Hidden Door.

This is the amply-sized and beautifully proportioned 1500 capacity auditorium in all it’s pre-war, art deco glory.

Unused for nearly 30 years, it’s shortly undergoing a minor renaissance as Hidden Door prepare to use it as the venue for this year’s Hidden Door festival!

PS: It’s OK, the strange figure in the distance isn’t an apparition, it’s only Laura Bourjac, one of our co-ordinators!

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