Edinburgh Shorts 2017 Opening Tonight, Check out our trailer!

We’re excited that the Edinburgh Short Film Festival opens tonight at the Filmhouse and here’s a look at this year’s excellent trailer

Edited by the faboulous Finn Kati Niemela and a specially composed soundtrack craftily created by the cunning Callum Rankine!

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Eleanor Yule and Mandy Lee chat to ESFF director Paul Bruce about their film, ‘Love Cake’.

Love Cake is a bitter-sweet romantic comedy shot in and around Edinburgh’s New Town and Marchmont, and features some food-related, romantic entanglements. Can you tell us something about the genesis of the idea?

Eleanor Yule: The idea came from writer Mandy Lee. It was a real education for me as a director as I knew nothing about erotic cakes and had never experienced one myself! Once I was introduced to the world I found it fascinating; […]

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From Novel to Screenplay

Edinburgh writer Martin Hopkins adapted his début novel, ‘Cracks in the Pavement,’ into a full-length feature screenplay and is in the process of finding a production company to help him turn it into a film. Here are some of his top tips on how first time filmmakers can take their pen from paper to the big screen:

Final Draft is a great screenwriting package that many filmmakers use to write screenplays. It’s a huge help when […]

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