MMBF Award sponsor – Statement

We’ve just learned that one of our awards sponsors has taken the decision to appoint Tommy Robinson as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ for their charitable work.

The ESFF is, and always has been, an apolitical organisation dedicated solely to the furtherance of short film.

We would never associate with any politician or political activist, let alone one like Tommy Robinson, and so we have removed all association with the MMBF from this date onwards.

We will also make good to the award winners any prizes which they have been awarded. The ESFF no longer holds any link with the MMBF and we withdraw any agreement to use our image, logo or any image associated with the ESFF, to the MMBF. We’d also like to make it clear that the MMBF had no role in nominating the film award-winners, who were nominated and selected by an expert panel of judges appointed by the ESFF.

The decision the MMBF have made to appoint this person is frankly unbelievable and has also come as a major shock to us. We, along with many other film festivals and arts events across the UK, have had a good relationship with the MMBF over the years and we have had no indication that this relationship was for anything other than the promotion of young writers, short film and short film-makers.

Consequently, we will no longer maintain any association with the MMBF.