The ESFF screens short film at Hidden Door Festival 2017

We’re very excited to have been asked, once again to put together a couple of short film programmes for Hidden Door, Edinburgh’s unique arts festival which is held in a (usually different) abandoned building somewhere in Edinburgh every May!

This year the event is scheduled to run at the Leith Theatre, a neo-classical theatre built in the 1920s which has been abandoned since the late 1980s.  The theatre holds a 1500 capacity auditorium, as well as a range of intriguing side rooms (the Male Instrumentalists room is a particularly interesting space).


The cinema space was formerly the talent dressing rooms, it’s a nice layout for the cinema space and the pale yellow walls have a matrix of peeling, flaking paint that hangs languorously off the ceiling, it gives the place a kind of weird, top-down melted effect. In fact, it’s a kind of like being inside one of my lemon cheesecakes!

The dates we’ve been given for screening are Saturday May 27th and Saturday June 3rd we’re holding one animated film night and one live-action, we’re working on the programme for this as you read and hoping to announce the programme by the end of April, so watch this space!

God only knows what HD will do to art it up but we’re very much looking forward to seeing the outcome!

Thanks to Alexandra Person for the fine photographs, more to follow so watch this space!