Culture Agora media partners with Edinburgh Short Film Festival

We’re very excited to be working with Culture Agora, probably the largest space for  information & opportunities on what’s happening in the creative industries throughout Europe.

The word Agora is Greek for ‘open place of assembly’ and, early in the history of Greece, an Agora was a designated area in the city, where citizens gathered to hear civic announcements.  Culture Agora is the modern equivalent, an online space that creates visibility and encourages connectivity among artists, students, professionals and organizations.

Through Culture Agora, organizations and individuals can search for project partners, find international funding opportunities, grow with training and education opportunities, discover interesting events and meetings and in addition to this, Culture Agora is a space for live and recorded events of interest to the cultural and creative industries.

This partnership will help us disseminate interviews with filmmakers, short video materials and podcasts across Europe and the European arts scene through Culture Agora, so if you have something important to say about film and art please get in touch via our mailbox:

[email protected]

“One of the important aims of Culture Agora is to become an extensive online archive, a digital library of video and audio content related to arts, culture and creative industries. We are very honoured to start following this aim by establishing a collaboration with Edinburgh Short Film Festival. The festival enables a critical discussion on current filmmaking, and Culture Agora would like to help to share this discussion with international audiences and collect it at one place. Culture Agora is proud to become an official loudspeaker for Edinburgh Short Film Festival.”