We’re looking forward to screening short films in collaboration with Edinburgh Printmakers as part of their ‘Translating Travels’ an exhibition
by the artist Imi Maufe on Friday May 11th.

There’s chance to see the often painful ‘BEFORE CHRISTMAS’ by Chinese film-maker Chuyao He, which follows the struggle of a father and son as they adapt to working under ruthless conditions at a Christmas decoration workshop located in an unfamiliar big city.

We’re also screening US  artist Damon Mohl’s  THE EXPEDITION , which depicts a surreal journey into the wilderness with explorers facing their fears, whilst traversing a frozen tundra..  The film acts as both a paean for a lost age of exploration and a celebration of the discovery of new expressively visual and dramatic horizons.

We’re also pleased to show an ESFF staff favourite, the darkly humerous, wittily acted and ultimately heartwarming New Zealand comedy, ‘MADAME BLACK’ as well as the wry, humane insight into the lives of refugees in the Italian comedy-drama ‘GAS STATION’.

You can see all these films on Friday May 11th at the Edinburgh Printmakers, programme starts 7:30pm.


Tickets FREE and via Eventbrite: