We’re excited to be presenting a programme of Scottish shorts at the 2022 edition of the Fastnet Film Festival in Ireland!

The programme is scheduled for Thursday May 26th at 12:15pm. Following the screening, we’re participating in a panel discussion with director Virginia Heath and producer Grant Keir on Scottish film and short film.

We’ve picked a varied programme of Scottish shorts from the last few years for the programme, including the powerful drama Go Home by Razan Madhoon and the disturbing psychological horror (and our 2021 Best Scottish film winner) Rosalyn by Olivia J. Middleton.

There’s a generous portion of some of the best Scottish stop-motion of the last few years including the phenomenal Short Changed by Zoe Hutber, Keith Water by Izzy Gibbs is a remarkable stop-motion celebration of the Keith River and the poignant and thoughtful What’s Left To Say by George Farrow-Hawkins.

We’re also looking forward to screening Jealous Alan by Martin Clark, a 1980s set coming-of-age drama, a funny and deftly directed period piece, as well as the new short Scuzz by a previous ESFF award winner, Alia Ghafar, which explores the street life of Glasgow in an engaging slice-of-life drama.

Lastly, we’re also delighted to screen The Last Mermaid by Fi Kelly, a brilliant fantasy-comedy following the life of a badly-behaved Mermaid and featuring Janey Godley and Sanjeev Kohli.