Excited to be playing a part for Hidden Door 2018 and we’ve programmed some of our staff favourites from 2018 for this year’s events over 2 nights at this year’s events. The 1st night on Friday June 1st will feature our live-action shorts and the 2nd night, Sunday June 3rd will focus on our animations.  We’re previewing some of the films we’ve selected over 2 articles, beginning with our live-action programme.

Our Best Film award last year went to US-based film-maker, Catalina Jordan Alvarez for her uniquely sweet, offbeat comedy ‘PACO’ – a hard film to categorize. It’s essentially a surrealist comedy with a slightly dark undertone and a lead character wonderfully played by Brian Alvarez.
We’re also showing the best short film at last year’s SXSW, ‘FOREVER NOW’ by Kristian Haskjold. A bitter-sweet Danish romantic drama and a tour de force of editing, the film is a strongly played and an intensely dramatic view of the end of a relationship.

We’re also pleased to show Martin Lennon’s wonderful ‘OOR WALLY’ and it’s truly memorable central character, the legendary Eleanor, mascot and head Ultra for Stenhousemuir FC. The film follows the adventures and misdventure of the formidable Eleanor, aka Wally the Warrior! Funny, charming and emotionally engaging, come on the Steni!

Alia Ghafar won our Rising Star Award last year with her thoroughly enjoyable and poignant coming-of-age drama ‘SALT & SAUCE’ in which Tammy dreams and hopes for a new life as a photographer while continually being brought down to earth by her mundane existence working in a chip shop.

Also from Scotland, GOOD GIRLS by Niamh McKeown, follows a group of prefects at an all-girl school in an anarchic journey through the dark underbelly of a private school, with eye-catchingly stylish photography and confident direction, think Wes Anserson meets St Trinians!

We’re mixing up the programme a bit with comedies from Russia ‘RINGO ROCKET STAR’ by Rene Nuijens which follows what can only be described as a Russian John Shuttleworth and his long-suffering wife, as well as ‘THE DIJON STORY’ an edgy, offbeat comedy by Mikko Myllylahti that satirises the lives of Finnish hipsters living in Berlin.

Dijon-story promotion still

Theres the superb Swedish observational drama ‘PEOPLE IN CARS’ by Daniel Lundh, an award winning slice of life set inside cars in the backstreets and parking lots of contemporary Sweden.
‘FOG PEOPLE’ is a fascinating experimental film, with a well-developed sense of chiaroscuro which we’re delighted to screen again. From Iran, we’re excited to show ‘TURQUOISE’ a neo-noir drama by Roozbeh Misaghi, that follows some villagers and their destructive and ultimately deadly obsession with buried treasure!

Our first screening will be on Friday June 1st at the State Cinema, tickets and details online now!