ESFF Programme for Japan’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017
Our programme and dates for the Edinburgh Short Film Festival Programme at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
2017 have now been finalised and we’re excited to be able to reveal the programme!

The festival was founded by actor Tetsuya Bessho and the first festival was held in Tokyo in 1999, screening 6
short films made by George Lucas, when he was a student and has grown to become Japan’s (and one of Asia’s
biggest) short film events. So we are very honoured to have been asked to curate a programme for this year’s

The 2017 edition runs from 1 June (Thu) through 25 June (Sun) and we’re delighted that the organisers have
scheduled the ESFF programme for four nights during the festival run!

Weds 7th June we’ll be at the Festival’s unique dedicated short film cinema, the Brillia Short Shorts Theater
in Yokohama,

On Thursday 15th June, we’re screening at the iTSCOM Studio in Tokyo

Friday 16th June and Saturday 24th June, we’ll be back at the Brillia Short Shorts Theater in Yokohama!

We’ll have more details in the run up to the event so watch this space!



Short Shorts Film Festival hosts Edinburgh Short Film Festival