We were delighted to finally be able to announce our 2020 Award Winners last night!


A SISTER by Delphine Girard

Alie is in a car at night in extreme danger and one phone call is all she needs to send out a signal. However, the call she makes is not to her sister as she wants to make someone believe.
Terrifically paced, Oscar-nominated Belgian thriller.



NIGEL by Natasza Cetner

A beautifully-drawn 2D Animation that tells the story of a bird that fell in love with a concrete statue and how extreme idealisation and delusion show how similar us and the animals really are.




ROSALYN by Olivia Middleton

A raw and haunting short horror film exploring the fragility of mental health during pregnancy, Rosalyn is a Scottish/Irish co-production with an original and thoughtful approach.

Congratulations to all the award winners, we wish them all the best with their next film projects and very much looking forward to seeing what they do next!