Following the news today That Edinburgh is to move into tier 3 restrictions, its possible we may have to postpone the ESFF, as far as I know, the Govt will review the tiers weekly and they are saying Edinburgh and Lothians could move quite quickly to tier 2 so it’s still possible the screenings will go ahead as planned or shortly thereafter, at least, we hope so!

Basically our plan is to run the ESFF as soon as we can once cinemas reopen. We think that there won’t be a long delay though we might have to move start times potentially, again we don’t know yet and will have to wait and see but we are ready to go ahead at the drop of a hat!

If we have to postpone I’ll arrange new dates and announce the dates immediately.

We are retaining all bought tickets so they are valid for the relevant block whenever we can screen it, and giving the ticket buyers the option of keeping their ticket or asking for a refund. Though it may be on a new date and/or potentially a new screening time.

Watch this space, further updates expected soon, if not daily!

Stay safe and stay healthy!