We’re delighted to announce a new competition we’re holding aimed at young, Scottish-based screenwriters which we’re hoping will give our young, talented film creatives a leg up into the industry!

We’re working with the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund and Screen Academy as well as the Scottish Screenwriters group and Scottish Film Talent Network, to hold a Script Pitch Challenge for Scottish-based screenwriters, entrants will submit an original, short screenplay (5 pages maximum length not including title page) properly formatted to industry standards.

The winner & runner-up will each receive 1 ticket to the 2017 London Screenwriting Festival including flights to London as well as mentoring and access to online screenwriting courses!

Eligibility: All screenwriters based in Scotland, aged 18-25 at the time of submission, are eligible for entry.

No teams or joint applications, no adaptations allowed.

For more details, see: