From 7:30pm we’ll be screening the ‘Best of 2013’ at the Hidden Door Festival.

Films include the Oscar-qualifying short ‘Butterflies’ by Isabella Peppard and Warwick Burton (Australia), which tells the tale of a young artist who sits on the sidewalk, struggling to make a living by selling drawings to passersby. ‘Quantum Jump’ by Hayk Sahakyants (Armenia) is a heart-warming animation about a clumsy, distracted monk and his unsuccessful quest to reach a state of perfection. Ronny Traufeller’s (Germany) animation captures a world of mechanical creatures that set off on an exploration.

Kate Sullivan’s (England) documentary ‘Walk Tall,’ is a life-affirming gem about a 91-year-old former Olympic gymnast, which picked up the Audience Award at the Berlin Festival of British Film 2013. ‘On Another Note’ by Emma Dove (Scotland) reveals a charmingly quirky portrait of Sarah, a woman who makes her own instruments from acquired junk and the community that surrounds her. The documentary won prizes at the Royal Television Society Scotland Student Awards and Underwire Festival.

Jonathan Beer’s (Northern Ireland) drama ‘Yuki’ is a thoughtful portrayal of a young girl whose world changes upon her mother’s mystery illness. Tommy Draper (Germany) captures a bored businessman on a trip and his fateful call home in ‘Pro Kopf’. Marie Enthoven’s (Beligum) thriller ‘Naïve’ portrays Emma, a young girl who discovers that her life is a lie from witch her mother holds the strings. ‘Chambre Double’ by Mathiew Mortelman (Beligum) is another thriller with a twist.

‘Santa’s Blotto’ by Patrick Myles (England) is a more light-hearted short, portraying seven-year old Jonny’s comic revenge on Santa after he failed to deliver the present he had asked for the year before.‘The Diver’ by filmmaker Damian Mohl (USA), winner of the Student Academy Awards, is a wonderful art house short, capturing the life of a toy, from cradle to grave.