We’re delighted to be partnering with the Cheshire-based Get Filming, an online film school and community of film-makers, and they’ve kindly put together a handy potted biog so you can see what their about..


Film Schools and Edinburgh Short Film Festival

About GetFilming.com

GetFilming is an online film school and community. We work with the professionals currently working in the film and TV industries to produce on demand video courses that you can access anywhere, anytime. Our courses will give you a head start and teach you what you need to know to start your career in a desirable industry that is highly competitive to get into. So, whether you want to be a screenwriter, cinematographer, lighting expert, director or any other industry profession. You’ll want to give yourself the best chance to work in the movies, we have courses to help you do that.

Once upon a time…

GetFilming is run by filmmakers, for filmmakers. Everyone at the school loves to make film, TV and every other form of motion picture. We have all had varied success but we all share one common goal, to support each other and to support indie film. We couldn’t find a place like this online, we have created something that we, as filmmakers, would have wanted to be a part of.

We started GetFilming as a place for filmmakers to come and learn from each other. There are so many amazing filmmakers out there at different stages of their career that we had to create a place where they can go and share their knowledge, learn from other filmmakers and create amazing content together.

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

We aim to grow the school into a platform that can cater for everyone involved in film and TV, or who wants to build a career in the filmmaking industries. Whether you are a seasoned professional screenwriter with an IMDB profile longer than a George RR Martin saga or you’re just getting into cinematography. Whether you want to learn more about VFX or you want to network with other filmmakers, build a team and create great content. GetFilming is the place for you.


Film Schools and Edinburgh Short Film Festival