ESFF Blog named as one of the top 25 on the planet! (But which planet?)

We’ve been named as one of Feedspot’s top 25 short film blogsites on the planet!

We’re also pretty sure that the planet in question is Earth!

We’re honoured! Thanks Feedspot!


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Edinburgh Shorts Programme for the Fastnet Film Festival: 2

The second article previewing the short film programme we’re presenting at the 2017 Fastnet Film Festival:

The marginal existance of migrant workers are literally on the periphery of existence in modern-Europe and a ESFF favourite, GAS STATION by Alessandro Palazzi, provides a unique insight into the lives of two North African migrants, pumping gas in a desolate gas station on the outskirts of Rome. Eschewing the usual appeals to the viewer’s conscience, the film explores the […]

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ESFF Programme for Japan’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017

ESFF Programme for Japan’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017
Our programme and dates for the Edinburgh Short Film Festival Programme at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
2017 have now been finalised and we’re excited to be able to reveal the programme!

The festival was founded by actor Tetsuya Bessho and the first festival was held in Tokyo in 1999, screening 6
short films made by George Lucas, when he was a student and has grown to […]

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ESFF Programming for the 2017 Fastnet Film Festival

We’re very pleased to have been asked to prepare a programme for the Fastnet Film Festival for their 2017 edition and looking forward to working with them and their ‘Light From the Land’ project!

The Fastnet Film Festival has been running in Schull, County Cork in Ireland since 2009 and the patrons include Sir David Puttnam, Steve Coogan and Jim Sheridan, so they have obviously made quite an impact!

We’ll be announcing the programme for Fastnet in […]

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Talking Dead Cats with Ivan Barge director of ‘Madam Black’

Ivan Barge directed the multi-award winning, Madam Black, a deliciously dark comedy with novel use for a dead cat.
On the way home from work,Marcus runs over a cat. He meets its young owner, Tilly and tells her that Madam Black has gone on a round-the-world trip. When Tilly asks for evidence, Marcus promises to bring Madame Black’s postcards to her. Madame Black won the Director’s Choice award at Rhode Island International Film Festival, and the Prix de Public at the […]

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Thanks, John

Very sad to hear about John Hurt’s passing today..he appeared in THE BREAK directed by the talented Nicholas Moss which we screened only last year, thanks for the memories, John!


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That time of year again..A look back at the Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2016

Not long now till we get off our bloated, festive behinds and open up the ESFF for 2017! In the meantime, in true Hogmanay spirit, we always like to have a wee look back at our last edition & it’s fair to say we were pretty pleased with the Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2016.

Last Autumn, we held 8 nights at the Cameo, Summerhall & the Filmhouse beginning on October 26th at a sold out Filmhouse […]

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The top 5 things to help your film at festivals & the top 5 things to avoid

Shore Scripts have published a blog post we put together going over some of the things you can do (and avoid doing) to help your film on the festival circuit.

The top 5 things to help your film at festivals & the top 5 things to avoid

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Stills from our closing night, Sunday November 6th

Great final night on Sunday, thanks to all the film-makers, guests and the sell-out audience for coming along, here’s our last batch of stills!


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ESFF holds Garden Cinema: Free Open Air Short Film!

Last year we organised some open air cinema at the Middle Meadow Walk Pancake Kiosk and although technically vulnerable to bad weather, a wee bit rain doesn’t scare us and we screened short films in the middle of Storm Abigail last year!
So we’re pleased to announce that we’re going ahead with FREE outdoor cinema at the Garden Cinema again this year, screening some outstanding, award-winning shorts from years gone by!

Shows start at 7/7:30pm on:

Thursday 27 […]

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