We’re giving away new discount codes for entry to the 2017 Edinburgh Short Film Festival and we’ve arranged to set up a limited number of 20% off discount codes through our Film Freeway submissions platform:

using the 20% discount code:ESFFSHORTS

So what are you waiting for? They’re all yours if you go get ’em!

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Some Highlights from Hidden Door 2017

Here’s a little film we took while holding around 5 Edinburgh Short Film Festival screenings at the 2017 Hidden Door Festival in the abandoned Leith Theatre recently!

Thanks to Alexandra Person for the photography and filming!



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We were delighted to be invited to programme for the Fastnet Film Festival, based in Schull in County Cork in the South West of Ireland recently, and so it was that we took the short flight over to Cork for the opening of the FFF 2017.  Now in it’s 9th year, the Fastnet Film Festival, […]

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More stills from our Hidden Door nights last Saturday & Tuesday

Here’s a few more stills from our nights at Hidden Door last Saturday and Tuesday evenings,

thanks to Alexandra Person for the photographs!


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Edinburgh Shorts at Hidden Door 2017

We’re back at Hidden Door for the 2017 events and this year’s abandoned building of choice is the Leith Theatre!

Our first night there was on Saturday 27th May when we and we also held a night of black comedy on Tuesday night. As usual, the Hidden Door team have undertaken a huge and awe-inspiring job of […]

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A walk-through inside the abandoned 1920s Leith Theatre

We recently took a stroll through the decayed hulk that is the Leith Theatre, the 1500 auditorium is like being inside a beached whale while it’s magnificently decaying corridors are waiting to be filled again!

Jack Hunter, head of the Leith Trust gave us the gen on the history and changing times of the Leith Theatre, opened […]

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The Auditorium

Some more evocative shots of the Leith Theatre, venue for this year’s Hidden Door.

This is the amply-sized and beautifully proportioned 1500 capacity auditorium in all it’s pre-war, art deco glory.

Unused for nearly 30 years, it’s shortly undergoing a minor renaissance as Hidden Door prepare to use it as the venue for this year’s Hidden Door […]

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Edinburgh Shorts Interviewed by Tokyo’s Short Shorts Film Festival

We’re very honoured to have been interviewed recently by our 2016/2017 partners, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, the biggest short film event in Asia! We’re curating 4 nights of short films at the 2017 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia events in June.

We’ll be publishing some images and a news report about the festival nearer […]

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ESFF Programme for Japan’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017

ESFF Programme for Japan’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017
Our programme and dates for the Edinburgh Short Film Festival Programme at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
2017 have now been finalised and we’re excited to be able to reveal the programme!

The festival was founded by actor Tetsuya Bessho and the first festival was held […]

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ESFF Programming for the 2017 Fastnet Film Festival

We’re very pleased to have been asked to prepare a programme for the Fastnet Film Festival for their 2017 edition and looking forward to working with them and their ‘Light From the Land’ project!

The Fastnet Film Festival has been running in Schull, County Cork in Ireland since 2009 and the patrons include Sir David Puttnam, […]

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