Introducing ESFF new media Partners: Culture Agora

We’re very excited to be working with Culture Agora, probably the largest space for  information & opportunities on what’s happening in the creative industries throughout Europe.

The word Agora is Greek for ‘open place of assembly’ and, early in the history of Greece, an Agora was a designated area in the city, where citizens gathered to […]

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Rising Star Award Winners Charlie Edwards-Moss & Joe Williams talk about short film

Charlie Edwards-Moss & Joe Williams co-directed ‘Duke’s Pursuit’, a darkly comic, existential thriller, with some outstanding cinematography, witty dialogue and excellent characterisation. Imbued with the feel of a revenge Western crossed with Coen Brothers wit and style, ‘Duke’s Pursuit’ won the ESFF’s 2016 Rising Star Award.

We loved ‘Duke’s Pursuit’ it’s a hugely ambitious project as […]

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Carys Evans talks short film to director Nicholas Moss at the 2016 ESFF


Much saddened as we were to hear about the death John Hurt, we unknowingly gave him on of his last screenings at last year’s ESFF when he appeared in Nicholas Moss’s outstanding short drama BREAK which we screened on Sunday November 6th at Summerhall.

Nicholas was interviewed by our very own film critic and presenter, Carys […]

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The Frying Game wins the People’s Choice Award at SDO

Congratulations to Martin Lennon for winning the People’s Choice Award at the Scots Day Out Festival in Bendigo for THE FRYING GAME!

Martin’s documentary screened as part of the ESFF short film programme for the festival on February 10th. SDO, based in Bendigo, near Melbourne, Australia, is  one of the biggest Scottish Diaspora Festivals in the […]

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If You’re Seeking an S & M Dungeon for an anti-Shades of Grey film, speak to Morgane Sarah Becerril!

Morgane Sarah Becerril directed ‘The Session’, An edgy, romantic-comedy set in a New York S & M dungeon, and tracing the developing relationship between Daphne, a newbie dominatrix and her client. The film screened at the 2016 Edinburgh Short Film Festival and also won 1st prize at the 2016 Montreal World Film Festival. We talked […]

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The ESFF meets cuddly koala Bendigo Mac at Scot’s Day Out Film Night in Australia!

For the 2nd year, we are very pleased to programme the Film Night at Bendigo’s Scots Day Out Festival
the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest Scottish-diaspora Festival, which takes place in Bendigo, Australia every February and will be screening the best of the Edinburgh Short Film Festival’s 2016 Scottish and Australian short film submissions on February 10th 2017!

Organised […]

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Early Bird Deadline soon – Don’t Blame the Intern if you miss it!

There’s usually plenty of reasons to submit your film to the ESFF and this year we are pleased to offer awards for Best Director, Best Male & Female Actors and Best Animation.We’ll also be programming the best films from 2017 for our touring programme, watch this space!

Our austerity-beating submission fee this year, is a mere […]

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Rome Web Awards Submissions closing soon!

Web series and internet-based short film-makers, heads up! The Rome Web Awards deadline for submissions closes on 31st January!

Widely known as the ‘Italian Web Oscars’ the Rome Web Awards (Italy’s first web series and viral film festival) has been awarding prizes for the best films in a large number of categories since 2014 and are […]

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Our friends at the Sardinia Film Festival are now open for submissions and submission is entirely free!

The deadline is February 28th and from our own previous experience we can reliably advise you that the SFF is a wonderful festival and well worth entering!

Check out the link below for more details!





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Puppet Animation Scotland



We’re delighted to announce one of our new partners for this year will be Puppet Animation Scotland!

As well as supporting visual theatre, puppetry and animation, and aiming to encourage people from all backgrounds to engage with these art forms, Puppet Animation Scotland also runs ‘manipulate’, the International Festival of Visual Theatre.

The […]

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