Edinburgh Short Film Festival on Tour 2016



We’re delighted to announce a new partnership for 2016 with Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, based in Tokyo, SSFF&A are Japan’s biggest short film festival as well as one of the biggest in Asia and have recently offered a staggering $1million fund for making just one short film, which will probably have the highest production values of any short film ever made?!

Short Shorts will be visiting Edinburgh this Autumn and bringing a curated programme of Japanese shorts while we’re planning to return the compliment by taking a selection of some of our best films from the 2016 ESFF to Tokyo next year!

Short Film Festivals 2017,Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia



Another plan in the pipeline is to visit our friends from the Sardinia Film Festival, the artistic director, Carlo Dessi, was kind enough to visit us in November last year and brought a fine selection of Italian-made shorts with him, which we were pleased to screen at the Cameo cinema! All going well, we hope to head over Sardinia way this June with some of our best short films, for their event. They have a charming habit of holding
Cinema Paradiso-esque piazza film nights and we’d love to share some ESFF short films with them again in 2016!

Short Film Festivals 2017,Sardinia Film Festival & Edinburgh Short Film Festival

We always very much enjoy working with Hidden Door, Edinburgh’s own, unique arts festival!
Every year, the hyper-active, hyper-talented team at Hidden Door take over an abandoned building in central Edinburgh and turn it into an amazing wonderland of artistic endeavour that spans the disciplines from Film to Art to Dance.
This year we’re working closely with the film team, lead by Becky Padley and Charline Foch, and programming 2 nights of short films – 1 live-action and 1 animated programme – for the 2016 festival at the abandoned Street Lighting Depot in King’s Stables Road.
It’s hard to encapsulate the festival (or the venue) in a few words but the easiest way to describe Hidden Door is to imagine a Glastonbury for artists!

Short Film Festivals 2017,Hidden Door Arts Festival & Edinburgh Short Film Festival



Based in Bendigo, Australia, Scots Day Out is one of the world’s largest festivals for the Scottish diaspora community and takes place each February in Bendigo, attracting around 6,000 visitors.
We’re delighted to send a programme of Scottish-made shorts to Chris and the Scots Day Out team and even more impressed – and intrigued – that they plan to hold 2 nights of screenings on February 12th and February 13th, down a working Gold Mine!

Short Film Festivals 2017,Scots Day Out & Edinburgh Short Film Festival


Edinburgh Short Film Festival Tour Map

Talented map-maker Justine Blair has put together an interactive, scaleable map showing all our tour programme partners and screening venues from 2014 – 2017, thanks Justine!





Edinburgh Short Film Festival on Tour 2015


Our 2015 programe saw us partnering the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival for a short film exchange project.  We hosted an evening of Trinidad & Tobago curated short film in November and sent some of the best films from 2015 to the Caribbean, as well as programming two nights of short films in Port of Spain, Trinidad in September 2015. The Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival has been voted one of the world’s top 25 film festivals by MovieMaker Magazine, it’s a really vibrant and exciting film festival and we were delighted to take part to it!


In 2015 we partnered up with the Sardinian Film Festival, and for two years in a row we’ve been programming some of our best shorts in Sassari, while receiving some of the best contemporary Sardinian shorts to screen in Edinburgh. SFF is a wonderfully, relaxed and enjoyable film event with Cinema Paradiso -style piazza screenings and a host of networking opportunities!

We’re delighted to once again curate a night of short films at the Hidden Door Festival!
Hidden Door is an annual Edinburgh-based art festival that occupies large abandoned buildings and turns them into art exhibition spaces – kind of like a Glastonbury of art. We’ve been curating short film programmes for Hidden Door since 2014.


Edinburgh Short Film Festival on Tour 2014

For 2014, we picked some of our best short film from the 2014 festival and prepared a series of curated programmes of short films for The Screenplay Film Festival in Shetland, The Aberdeen International Film Festival and the Hidden Door Art Festival: