A walk-through inside the abandoned 1920s Leith Theatre

We recently took a stroll through the decayed hulk that is the Leith Theatre, the 1500 auditorium is like being inside a beached whale while it’s magnificently decaying corridors are waiting to be filled again!

Jack Hunter, head of the Leith Trust gave us the gen on the history and changing times of the Leith Theatre, opened […]

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Hidden Door & The Leith Theatre

Because of its long history, Edinburgh is stuffed full of very old and quite large abandoned buildings that have long fallen into disuse.

As the wheels of history turned, they left behind some very beautiful buildings, unused and ignored as changing tastes passed them by.

Hidden Door have been throwing open the doors and literally sweeping away […]

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Inside the 1920’s built Leith Theatre

Some more shots of the 1920’s built Leith Theatre, currently being converted into an arts festival.

These sad and somewhat neglected spaces were once the haunt of flapper girls, lounge lizards and ingénue Miss Jean Brodie-types.

You can almost hear the echoes of tap dancers, dancehall music and Charleston-ing batchelors, the archetypes of the 1920s will soon […]

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Edinburgh Shorts Programme for the Fastnet Film Festival: 1

Supported by a range of illustrious names, including David Puttnam, Mike Leigh, Jim Sheridan, Steve Coogan and many others, the FFF has grown into a fabulous celebration of short film, in all its forms and we are priviliged to have been asked to participate.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Light From the Land’ which […]

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Edinburgh Shorts Goes West (Cork)

A Fast trip to the Fastnet Film Festival

We have been busy recently setting up a new partnership with The Fastnet Film Festival, which is based in Schull, County Cork in the Republic of Ireland.

The festival has been running since 2009 with the aim of bringing together established and first-time filmmakers to celebrate short film and […]

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The Auditorium

Some more evocative shots of the Leith Theatre, venue for this year’s Hidden Door.

This is the amply-sized and beautifully proportioned 1500 capacity auditorium in all it’s pre-war, art deco glory.

Unused for nearly 30 years, it’s shortly undergoing a minor renaissance as Hidden Door prepare to use it as the venue for this year’s Hidden Door […]

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Edinburgh Shorts Interviewed by Tokyo’s Short Shorts Film Festival

We’re very honoured to have been interviewed recently by our 2016/2017 partners, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, the biggest short film event in Asia! We’re curating 4 nights of short films at the 2017 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia events in June.

We’ll be publishing some images and a news report about the festival nearer […]

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Edinburgh Short FF Holds Guest Programme at the 2017 Sardinia Film Festival

We’re very excited to announce that once again we’ll be presenting an ESFF-curated night of short film at the delightful and very excellent Sardinia Film Festival in June!

The festival runs from 26th June 2017 to 01 July 2017 in the historic quarter of the delightful town of Alghero, in the north of the island.

The open air […]

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Moody, magnificent, reckless, and dangerous to know!

Moody, magnificent, reckless, and dangerous to know! Not a reference to Lord Byron but in fact the fire exit at the Leith Theatre!

Yes, THIS moody, magnificent and reckless place is the corridor leading to the cinema space we’ll be using at Hidden Door this year for the Edinburgh Short Film Festival’s Hidden Door programmes.

And should […]

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Genera:New film funders in town!

Funding has always been a major bugbear for film production projects and this situation doesn’t look likely to change in the immediate future, so the launch recently of new London-Based venture Genera Films is an attempt at providing a new model of group funding for interesting new film projects.

Genera pitches itself […]

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